What is Coach Thinking? today–RTR!

Ok, so I’m late getting this out, but I’m rather glad I am!


So why do your coaches always push you to finish the workout?? Let’s take an AMRAP for example!

That last minute, every single coach in the gym is going to be cheering and urging you on to finish the workout! Even when you’re about to go out for a 400m run and there are only 30 seconds on the clock we are going to encourage you to run outside and get something in! We know that no one can run 400m in 30 seconds but it’s no time to give up a few reps!

Why? Because you never know how important it is to play

through to the end!


Yes, I’m an Alabama football fan and so I’m rather happy with the committee’s decision to allow Alabama into the playoffs but what I want to point out to you is the fact that the players never gave up. They were fighting Auburn to the end of the Iron Bowl, and they were pushing and lobbying the committee up until decision time. I’d say this paid off! Not giving up when it was clear that there was no way they were going to catch Auburn helped them out. Even Coach Malzahn ranked them #3!


This is just the most recent example of how hard work pays off and if you continue to push yourself through the end of every workout, you’ll see benefits as well!! Now I’ll be in Puerto Rico for the game and have NO clue if I’ll even be able to watch it on New Year’s so I’m getting my Roll Tide in now!


Here’s what’s on tap this week!



We continue the 2017 CrossFit Lift Off! We will be working on our 1 rep max. If you didn’t get to do Friday’s Lift Off workout, it will be available. If you did, I have another 12-minute AMRAP with the same rep scheme but with different movements for you to “enjoy”!



We’re back on the #gaintrain with back squats!
Then we will tackle Annie—one of my favorite benchmark workouts!


We’re going overhead with some split jerk practice for our strength component.

For the MetCon I’m looking to redeem myself from last week’s 4 min “interval” workout with another E?MOTM, I promise the rep schemes are much more reasonable—Sorry about Tuesday!



Team Thursday is back so grab your training partner and be ready for a nice little 20 min AMRAP in a chipper style! RX is going to be tough! This is all go, communicate with your training partner so that you can pick up each other! No rep limits on this one, it’s all go!



It’s pull day and we’re going to be picking heavy stuff up of the ground!

We’re going to be rope climbing this day so grab your tall socks and shinguards! I’ve given you the option to run or row as it is supposed to be pretty chilly Friday! This will be a strong aerobic workout that’s going to take some guts to push through and get it in fast! Heart rate control will be important!

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