What is Coach thinking this week?

Good Saturday afternoon CrossFit Chelsea!


  • Football season is here!! Feel free to shoot me a couple games you’d like to watch on the big screen and we’ll pick out some fun ones to watch and gather for some football and fun at the gym with the big screen!



  • We are excited to announce that we will have the world class Jump N Rope team coming to CrossFit Chelsea in January for a seminar! It’ll last between 1 hour and 2 hours and will improve your double unders without a doubt!!
    The cost is $65 per person and we only have 6 slots left!
  • Here’s the link to the Facebook Event with more information

Here’s the week’s programming

It’s a Deload week, so there will be no PV this week



We’ll have Open gym from 9-12 and be closed the remainder of the day to honor Labor day!




Snatches and Push ups! But we’ll try it out a few different ways!



Grab your jump rope, and get ready to work your way through a chipper!



Today’s workout is a good old fashioned partner workout. Grab your training partner, split the work and get it done!




We’re going to get heavy with some squat clean thrusters and then hammer down on some cardio!


See you in the gym!

Coach j

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