What is Coach Thinking this week?

Hey CrossFit Chelsea!


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in our community! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy lots of hugs from your kiddos and do all of your favorite things!

If you weren’t in the gym Monday night (and most of you were) it was a great atmosphere with lots going on, but it makes me want to point out that we need to be sure of a few things from a safety perspective!

  • For those mothers and fathers out there. No kiddos on the workout floor during a class! We love our community and our family environment and want to be sure that our families stay safe! Barbells and kettlebells and dumbbells can leave a “lasting impression” on the little ones!
  • Please be sure to put clips on your barbells! I’m one of the worst offenders on this, but we need to be sure that the weights stay on the barbell and don’t go flying off and hitting someone!
  • Be sure to control your barbell as best as possible! Don’t drop from overhead and NEVER GHOSTRIDE the barbell (drop it behind you and walk away). Sometimes these bumper plates have a mind of their own and bounce 5-10 feet!
  • Don’t be afraid to go outside! Sometimes the breeze makes it even cooler out there!


Our Athletic Development Program is off to a solid start and the young adults are loving the workouts! Do you have a young athlete looking to get stronger and faster? Just let us know! We can still get them enrolled!


The Granite Games Qualifier is off and the first week’s workouts are pretty solid! Coach Kris and Coach Matt are both competing so we’re going to support them and tackle one of the workouts on Monday! If you see either them in the gym, wish them luck!!


Have you ever thought about competing in a weightlifting competition?

Well we are hosting one and you should sign up now!!


Have a great week and I’ll see you in the gym!


Here’s the week’s programming (Check daily for Project Vigilante work!)



We’ll start off with some jerks and then…


Granite Games Online Qualifier Workout #2



We’ll continue our squat cycle with some overhead squats and then tackle an interval workout of Double Unders,  step-ups,  & pull ups.




Well, I liked the Granite Games workout so much we’re going to do it too!


Happy Birthday Jackie N!

Our long time member Jackie is turning the big 6-0 this weekend and so we’re going to celebrate in true CrossFit style! Team workout of some of her favorites!



You didn’t think I forgot back squats did you?

Then we’ll get our legs loose with some runs and deadlifts!

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