What is coach thinking this week?

What a gorgeous weekend huh? I’m with Rich, who can we bribe to keep this weather year round?!?!

I sure hope you got out and enjoyed the weather and utilized your fitness in some way!

If you didn’t get a chance you can this Saturday! We will not be having Open Gym this Saturday but we are inviting you to join us at Chelsea High School at 8am to apply your fitness and help your neighbors out too! Be sure to wear your CrossFit Chelsea shirts!

The rowing seminar was great and thanks to everyone who came out!

I know that several of the coaches picked up some great tips for you guys, so be on the lookout for complete overhauls to your rowing technique—I know I am overhauling mine!

Do you have your push notifications turned on for FitChalk? You should!
I’ll be utilizing that to communicate with the gym more and more.  Email is not always the easiest way to communicate with you guys and I don’t want to send too many texts either!


FYI, Texts and emails are no-reply with Fitchalk!


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Here’s the week’s programming (Check daily for Project Vigilante work!)



It’s squat/skill day, and we’re going to be doing BOTH! Be sure to bring your jump rope and knee sleeves! The strength/skill portion could get spicy!

We will finish with a bodyweight AMRAP. With some shuttle sprints thrown in for good measure!



We’ll slow it down a little and work on our push press.

Then we will have 2 short AMRAPs where we will shift around the movements during the rest!



Someone be sure to make me do today’s strength work!


This one will likely be pretty quick, it’s just 3 rounds!



It’s week 5 of our strength cycle! So yep, add 10#s from last week!

I’ve got a team workout for you guys afterwards. We’re leapfrogging again! RX++ is to actually DO the leapfrog each time you switch!



Well it’s quarto de Mayo so we’ll go ahead and get our Cinco De Mayo workout out of the way. Fives are the theme for this one, so be ready for some challenging loads and movements for small sets!



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