What is Coach thinking? Cinco de Mayo edition

Hola CrossFit Chelsea! 


It’s late Thursday night and the last I checked the weather, it wasn’t looking too good for Saturday. Here’s hoping the sun sticks around and we can apply our fitness to help clean up the High School!


As you may have seen on Facebook, the Member Appreciation Party is back on for June 9th. We’re going to plan for lunchtime at the Community Center! They have a new pavilion being built, but I’m not sure if it will be ready or not, but the beach volleyball court will be there!


Great work to everyone for crushing the deadlifts so far!! The post deadlift metcons are going to be getting shorter and shorter as those 30 reps are getting pretty challenging!


Don’t forget to get your student-athlete signed up for our Athlete Development Program. We have a strong showing from softball players and wrestlers and only have a few spots left! Don’t forget to tell your friends too! This is open to everyone!

Get them signed up here!


Here’s the week’s programming (Check daily for Project Vigilante work!)



What’s Monday in virtually every Globo Gym in the country? That’s right.. bench day!


We’ll knock out a metcon that has some weighted carries, some push-ups, and step-ups!



Snatch day! We’ll get some barbell snatches AND dumbbell snatches!




Add 10#s to last week!


We’ll be breaking the dumbbells back out so be ready for some unilateral work!


Team Thursday is back!

No confusing setup today. Grab your training partner and get through the work!


Friday is squat day!

Squat day & we’re loading up the barbell on our backs and dropping it like it’s hot!


Metcon brings back a “favorite” we haven’t seen in a few weeks!

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