What is Coach Thinking?

Good Saturday afternoon CrossFit Chelsea!


Wel,l it’s pouring while I type this, but I was able to apply some of my fitness this morning and took out a couple of bushes that were a pain and all kinds of other yardwork! I hope you were able to apply your fitness before the rain hit!


Don’t forget, Faith RX’d is tomorrow at 3:00 at our friends CrossFit MudTown in Cahaba Heights, I hope you can come out and join us for a fun workout and a great message!


Emilee put a note up on the whiteboard, but here’s some more details on what kind of donations she’s looking for:

I’ll be collecting donations for Two by Two Rescue, mainly for the outdoor kennels. So anything an outdoor dog would need- stainless food bowls, old blankets towels sheets, dog first aid, food, toys, meds, grooming supplies, leashes, collars, harnesses, slip leashes. Pretty much anything. I go there every couple weeks so there isn’t a deadline or anything.

Thanks so much!

Emilee Redmond!


It’s still crazy hot! We are trying to keep the gym as cool as possible, but there’s only so much a fan can do!  Remember there is water in the fridge for all recurring memberships and there are cold FitAids in the lobby! Be sure to drink lots of water before you ever come to the gym!!


Please sign up for the Barbell Bash! We need some lifters!

Well we are hosting one and you should sign up now!!


Have a great week and I’ll see you in the gym!


Here’s the week’s programming (Check daily for Project Vigilante work!)



A little EMOTM where you get to choose between a couple of movements! Weightlifting or Gymnastics?


Then it’s an AMRAP where we do a movement you probably haven’t seen in a ‘hot minute’!



Let’s get some front squats  in before we do a couple rounds of interval work! Bring your jump rope!




Well Wednesday is my 20th anniversary with my lovely bride Huntleigh!
Hopefully I’ll get to 21 years with her, but it won’t be for this workout. It’s all about the pull ups today! No jumping pull up today! We’re breaking out the bands!


Team Thursday:

Team Thursday will require 2 of you good friends this week—teams of 3 are the order of the day!

One of those “friends” gets to hold a static position while the other 2 get some work in! This might take a minute!



The backsquat cycle we have been following just isn’t working the way I want it to. Sorry, Coach Will warned me and I thought I might be able to pull it off but it’s just not working the way I want it to, so we’re going to go with an “ole reliable” strength building program!


After the squats, we’re going to be running and breaking out the sleds again! This time it’s 50 feet in 1 direction!!

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