What is Coach thinking?

Good Saturday CrossFit Chelsea!


I hope you had a great week of training and enjoyed your 4th of July! Everybody still have all your fingers and toes?!?

We had a great turnout at Faith Rx’d last Sunday! Thank you to all of you who made it out and braved the heat! Hopefully you had a good workout and enjoyed the message! The next Faith Rx’d will be the 15th and will at CrossFit Mudtown in Cahaba Heights.


If you’d like to know more about Faith Rx’d, just catch me and I’ll fill you in!


I don’t know about you, but my legs are COOKED from last week! I know a lot of you shared the same sentiment so I pulled the backsquats from Friday’s scheduled programming and moved them to Monday of this coming week. I knew the Granite Games workouts were going to be tough and leave us “feeling it” but HOLY COW!


It’s been hot and looks like it’s going to be a HOT summer! We are trying to keep the gym as cool as possible, but there’s only so much a fan can do!  Remember there is water in the fridge for all recurring memberships and there are cold FitAids in the lobby! Be sure to drink lots of water before you ever come to the gym!! I know that Will and I were talking the other day about how we are drenched just COACHING!


Have you ever thought about competing in a weightlifting competition?

Well we are hosting one and you should sign up now!!


Have a great week and I’ll see you in the gym!


Here’s the week’s programming (Check daily for Project Vigilante work!)



Backsquats and then a quick AMRAP to keep the heart rate up!



We’ll start off with some presses and then go through a quick every 3 min for 4 cycle workout! Move quick and get more rest!




We’ll be cleaning up the gym! Lots of cleans and front squats today! Maybe a little running too!


Team Thursday:

It’s “Land of Misfit Toys” time!!
All the fun “toys” we have around the gym, well, let’s use them!



We will be snatching today, but we’ll throw in some wall balls and toes to be sure we’re well rounded!!


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