What is Coach Thinking?

Hey CrossFit Chelsea!


Another week is upon us and it’s going time to get back to work!

These next 8-12 weeks will be geared towards continuing to increase our strength while focusing on our Olympic lifts!


When you see % on the board, please be sure to talk to your coach about the appropriate loads for your lifts and your work. We want to focus on proper technique and form to be sure that we are moving well and looking well!

Be sure to get to the gym a few minutes early to stretch on your own and be a part of the warm-up! A good warm-up is crucial!

Have you signed up for the Barbell Bash yet? 

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Here’s your hints on this week!



Squat day!! We’ll get some back squats in followed by some posterior chain work!



We’ll work on some push presses for strength

Bring your jump rope and any grips you might want for pull ups or muscle ups! This one is going to have a time cap, so be sure to modify your workout appropriately!



We’ll be working on our oly lifts with some Hang Snatches.

Then in the WOD we’ll be doing tackling 2 different lifts with the same barbell!

Team Thursday:

We’ll be leap frogging our partners this week! This one is going to be leg intensive and tax the core! We’ll be ready!


A nice 4 round triplet to finish the week!

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