What is coach thinking?

Hey CrossFit Chelsea!


Sorry for the absence last week! What was supposed to be a rainy weekend at the lake leaving me plenty of time to write up posts and load programming ended up being absolutely gorgeous! So sorry the lake won over the computer—well not real sorry!


I don’t have a lot of insight into this week’s programming! Coach Will is loading the workouts as we speak so I’ll be surprised by them as well!


Why do I have a feeling I’ll be scaling a bunch of workouts this week?!?!


If you can make it, we would love to invite you to Faith RX at Nexus Fitness in Homewood Sunday June 3 @ 3pm!


Don’t forget our Membership Party is this coming weekend the 9th @ noon!

We’ll have the steaks for the Open winners and hot dogs for everyone else! Bring your own drinks and  please sign up for side items here!


Have you ever thought about competing in a weightlifting competition?

Wel,l we are hosting one and you should sign up now!!


There’s still time! Get your student-athlete signed up for our Athlete Development Program. We kick off tomorrow! This is open to everyone!

Get them signed up here!


Like I said… this week’s programming will be a surprise for me too!!

Have a great week and I’ll see you in the gym!

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