What is Coach thinking?

Good Sunday morning CFC!

I’m a little late getting his up-sorry! I was at the gym doing some Spring cleaning and a little rearranging yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to write this up! it should be easier to keep the dumbbells, jump ropes and d-balls out of the way, so please help me with that!


Be sure to get your kids signed up for our Athlete Development Program! We’ve seen some great results with our 2 yutes (think My Cousin Vinny) that are already going through it, and they’re having fun too!

Get your student-athlete signed up here –> Athlete Development Program <–


Don’t forget we are having a rowing seminar put on by the Alabama Rowing team Saturday, April 28, 2018. You can reserve your spot here —-> Facebook event <—-


So I spent all that time Saturday cleaning and rearranging, and what do I program on Monday? Tire flips and rope climbs!!


Here’s the week’s programming (Check daily for Project Vigilante work!)



It’s deadlift day! So be ready to add 10#s again!
Oh, and like I said above, don’t wear that new Lulu! We’re flipping tires and it may be messy!



Going to squat a little and then we’re going to have a 20-minute interval workout! So be ready to go hard each round!



It’s skill day! Don’t forget your jump rope!

And the Wednesday chipper returns!


Team Thursday:

Who wants to Bench press??

Then we’ll be leapfrogging with our partner through a 6 round workout!



Don’t cherry pick this one! I can almost guarantee we’re going to see this one in the Open next year!


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