What is Coach thinking?

Do you have any idea how bad I want to run?!? But I’ll be happy to walk! Tomorrow is the annual Lupus Walk where you get to come out and support a great cause and raise some funds for research!


Old man winter will not go quietly into that good night!! Maybe next week we’ll get to open those bay doors and run a little!


For those that have missed out, Project Vigilante has made its return and you are welcome to knock it out before/after class or during Saturday Open gym!


I thoroughly enjoyed last’s training. More to the point I thoroughly enjoyed getting back to training!


This week we are getting deeper into our low back/back training. There will be lots of hang Olympic lifts as well as continuing our deadlift cycle. You’re going to see lots of situps and toes to bar to offset all of the posterior work, so be ready! #beachbodyready That’s not entirely true, if you want to be ready for the beach/pool, might want to ask about our nutrition program!


Here’s what’s on tap for this week:



Hang snatches with a metcon of Dumbbell snatches and handstand walks!



Deadlift day with a metcon of situps, pull ups, lunges and kettlebell swings!



Chipper Wednesday comes back with a nice 2 rounder!



Team Thursday is here with a couplet of movements we’re gonna see in the open!



We’ll be working on our Clean & jerk followed by an EMOTM double unders, cardio, and core work!

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