What is Coach thinking?

Well the CrossFit Open is over… Now what?


If your name isn’t Kris Collins or Jackie Nolan and maybe Matt Dunaway then….







Hopefully, you caught the live video from Friday, if not jump on the CrossFit Chelsea page and look back at Wednesday’s live video for a wrap up of the Open!


We are kicking off our 2018 strength cycle this week! We will be focusing on back strength and specifically the deadlift for the strength cycle! Lots of hang cleans and hang snatches to help support the low back through the course of the training.

We are going to STRONGLY encourage you to try to avoid utilizing a weight belt as long as you can!


We will explain how the “reset” will work, but the deadlifts will be sets across starting at 60%! If you aren’t real sure, you can come in on Saturday and find your one rep!


You’ll see our new Life and Longevity class at 6:30am on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. This class is designed for our “experienced” members of our community! We are focusing on ensuring the quality of their life and functional movements. If you know someone that could benefit from that kind of class, please let us know!


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Here’s the week’s programming (Check daily for Project Vigilante work!)



It’s press day (no you don’t have to stay seated!) but we are going overhead for the strength!

For the Metcon we’re going to be pushing and pulling!



We’re snatching today! Our strength is working on our squat snatches and priming our bodies for the metcon.

We have a 15 minute MetCon with snatches, overhead squats and box jumps! Don’t skip out on movements you don’t like, that’s how you get better!



Well, it’s time to deadlift! 6 sets of 5 at 60% of your one rep max!

We’ll then have an EMOTM to work on that core!


Team Thursday is back!

You’ll be leap-frogging movements with your partner so this one should go pretty quickly!


Friday is squat day!

But what kind of squat?

I hope you like the RX+ on the MetCon!


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