What in the world is coach thinking?

I’m writing this Saturday around noon after being SO inspired by Jackie and Kris!!


Guys! If you haven’t seen the Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) workouts…

Shesh! Castro ain’t playin’!
Here’s the link to the workouts.


So Kris, Jackie, and I talk about how we want to tackle some of these workouts as they contain elements that our ladies aren’t proficient with (er… handstand walks) and the loads are HEAVY (170# cleans for Kris and 105# for Jackie!).


So the consensus is to tackle workout #2 on Friday. So it’s get through the pull-ups and “gird up your loins” for heavy cleans.


Y’all, not only did Jackie PR by hitting a 105# clean but then she did it 5 more times!!


Today, they tackled #3 the chipper! Kris is not a big fan of handstand walks. She can get about 2 feet when she kicks up, but you have to get 5 feet to get a “rep”! Believe me, I know how frustrating it can be to not get 5 feet! I managed to walk 8 feet during 18.4… unfortunately, it was in 2 4 foot segments— doh!


But this morning, not only did she get 5 feet, SHE DID IT TWICE!


I want to be Kris and Jackie strong and tough when I grow up!!

Great work ladies! Keep it up!


They still have 2 more workouts to complete by Monday night so keep praying and encouraging our ladies!! We’ll all be joining them come Monday for workout #1!


Congratulations to Laura Countess on her wedding to Collier Pressnell! We know that John and Rhonda (McCormac) are proud of you guys and we all wish you the very best!


We have started a sign up on the whiteboard for those that are interested in being on a team for Pensacola Beach Brawl at the end of September. This is to let others that are interested know who wants to be on a team—be sure to specify what division you want to compete in!


Here’s the week’s programming (Check daily for Project Vigilante work!)



We’ll warm up with some cleans and thrusters and then…

Age Group Online Qualifier workout #1—those superhumans have a 10-minute time cap, we’ll extend that to 20 for us mere mortals!



It’s squat day and we’ll be putting that barbell on our back!


Then it’s 3 different workouts that you have 5 minutes to complete and rest in between! You’re gonna have to hustle to get it in!


Wednesday chipper:

I’d much rather you go RX or scale this one and finish than to go heavier and not finish. There’s a hard 25-minute time cap on this one! So be ready to get your tail moving to finish all the movements!


Team Thursday is back!

No leapfrogging today. Just a good old-fashioned, share the load, AMRAP!

Grab your training partner and strap on those running shoes!


Friday is squat day!

You didn’t think I’d forget our deadlift cycle did you??

I had to put deadlifts in this workout because I promise I’m not looking forward to the metcon!


See you guys in the gym! It’s going to be a great week of training and be sure to be praying!


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