Candace Gary

Candace Gary

What has CrossFit done for me?  Oh man where do I begin…10474834_10152801073569879_3837742343470654796_n


So many people who haven’t even tried CrossFit give it a bad wrap, but I can sit here and name countless ways it has helped me off the top of my head here are just a few:


  1. Confidence
  2. Strength
  3. Friends who have become like Family
  4. Guidance
  5. Discipline beyond measure
  6. Community
  7. Religious support
  8. Accountability
  9. Clarity in life’s obstacles
  10. Bonds that can not be broken


You say how on earth are you getting those things from a gym where all you do is flip tires, jump on boxes, and get hurt?  Well that is what anyone who hasn’t tried CrossFit would think, but there is so much more to CrossFit than what meets the eye.


I started CrossFit the beginning of March 2014 so it has officially been about 7.5 months since I first started.  I was a nervous wreck walking into CrossFit Chelsea for the first time.  Thankfully I had my husband Clark right there with me.  My first child was right at around 6 months old at this time and as soon as I had him and was released I started training for my first marathon.  On February 16, 2014 I ran my first marathon and I said the entire time I was training that my next endeavor would be CrossFit.  I thought it would be just that an endeavor and then I would move on to something else.  However, I have fallen in love and this is something I plan to do the rest of my life and bring my children up doing it as well.  Yes, I ran a marathon before I started, but I was WEAK with cardio strength.  When I started CrossFit a short 7.5 months ago I could barely over head squat the 35lb bar, power clean maybe 65lbs with bad form, back squat maybe 95lbs with terrible form, snatch hahaha yeah forget that, DU what never, RX a workout in my wildest dreams…here I am 7.5 months later overhead squatting 120lbs, power cleaning 140lbs, back squatting 170lbs, snatching 100lbs, stringing 42 DU, and RXing and RX+ing almost every workout.  Dreams are not a distant unreachable goal when you put in the effort.


10593083_10152937047054879_7155571440143161396_nCrossFit has made me a strong and more confident person.  I love every person in my gym they treat Clark (my husband), River (my 1 year old), and I like family and we couldn’t be more happy to be a part of this gym.  You cannot get the support, love, and camaraderie at any other “do it yourself” gym.  What “do it yourself” gym can you go to that has bible study, get together(s), vacations, competitions, and support that everyone does together, none that I have heard of.  Everyone cheers everyone else on, everyone wants to see you do better, and everyone doesn’t just come to the gym for themselves they come to see you do great things too. NEVER have I walked into CrossFit Chelsea and had no one speak to me, someone laugh at me, someone not tell me how awesome of a job I am doing, someone not tell me I can do anything I set my mind to, and  someone not cheer me on to finish those last reps.


Last but not least, CrossFit has even brought Clark (my husband) and I even closer together.  It is something we can do together we love talking about our workouts to one and other, cheering each other on, encouraging the other to do better, and it is something we can share.  They say the couple that trains together stays together 😉


I am going to leave with this nothing is impossible and you can do anything for 2 minutes (I seem to always tell myself that in the last 2 minutes of every metcon) haha.   I can promise you a short 7.5 months ago I would have never of imagined I would be where I am today.  Just give it a try you never know…


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