What is Coach thinking?

Hey CrossFit Chelsea!!

Writing this with about 5 minutes before I have to leave for church, so Huntleigh, Kat, and my other grammar nerds, cut me a little slack if you would!

The CrossFit Open is in full swing!!!

Keep your eyes peeled on the CrossFit Chelsea Leaderboard! I’ll update the top 3 on Tuesday when all the scores have been entered!

We have room for more! You can get registered for the Open here:


You have until 7pm Monday to register and enter your scores! Don’t forget to enter your scores!


Got several more bingo sheets this week!

Bingo closes on Wednesday, February 28! We’ll draw ASAP afterward!


Have you logged into FitChalk yet?

I have sent emails to each of you with a personalized link to your account to set up your payment information. Please remember you can avoid additional fees by entering your bank/ACH information!

It will only take three minutes.

**Workouts are programmed in both Wodify and FitChalk through 3/1! Go ahead and make the transition over now!!**

What did you think of 18.1?

I honestly thought it was a beautifully programmed workout. I know that 8 minutes in I seriously thought to myself “Ok, feeling good, just hold this pace!”

Two minutes later I thought to myself “How am I going to hold on for 10 more minutes?!?!”

That one certainly crept up on you!

Hopefully, your hands survived!


Remember, the Open is a “marathon of 5 sprints”! Be smart if you are going to redo it. Critically analyze your first attempt. Can you add a round or 2 to your score? If not, is it really worth it to invest your energy and intensity into that workout again or save it for 18.2? BE SMART! Ask your coaches for advice!



We are going to be staying out of the way of those that have not done 18.1. Hopefully the rain clears so we can run. If you’re not running, see if a rower is available, otherwise it’s on to a bike or ski. I’ve programmed a workout that should take between 12-15 min (or so) so be sure to stick around and cheer on those tackling 18.1 who will need your help pushing through those last 5 minutes!



We are going to be working on Dumbbell Snatches. I still think we will see them in the Open.
The MetCon is 2 6 min AMRAPS with 2 minutes rest between AMRAP



Hey Selfs… It’s Deadlift day!

We’ll start off with an EMOTM of some Deadlifts and finish with a EMOTM MetCon which should test some higher skilled movements with some core taxing movements.



Team Thursday and since I don’t expect to see rowing, toes to bar or cleans this week in 18.2, guess what we’re going to do the day before!?!?!


Come out for the viewing party this Thursday. What do you guys say to breaking out the projector and watching Castro and crew on the “big screen”?




I have no clue what it will be, but here are some guesses…


It’s going to be less than 12 minutes. This is the perfect spot to test a super fast paced workout like a 21-15-9 or something with about 90-150 total reps. Are maybe even more likely one of those workouts where if you get the work completed within 2-4 minutes you get rewarded with more work and move on to another 2-4 min time domain. So for some, it could be another long one but for the rest of us mortals, it’s only going to be about 8 minutes! I don’t expect to see rowing or toes to bar, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see something on the rig or something that will be hand intensive—so keep those hands healthy and healing!


Friday Night Lights was a blast and had a great turnout! Let’s make it bigger this week!


Your community will be there on the other side to catch you.


Have a great week and I’ll see you at the gym!