What is Coach thinking-Sept. 18-22

Preaching to the choir!


Well, I’m probably preaching to the choir this week, but I want to be sure to validate and encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing!


You have made the decision to fight one of the world’s most vexing problems with what Coach Glassman calls an “elegant solution”.

Here’s a video where Coach is talking to a Level 1 class.

While I won’t rehash what all Coach goes through in the video (watch it, it’s worth the 15 minutes), I wanted to talk about it this week for a couple of reasons.

1)  To encourage you to not stop what you are doing! When you decided to get off the couch and start moving, you decided to make the choice to fight metabolic disease! Congratulations!

You m ay have thought you were just trying to lose weight, feel better, or even look better! What you didn’t realize is you were actively fighting chronic conditions that have been linked to a sedentary lifestyle such as: accelerated aging, pre-diabetes, type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and the list goes on and on.

2) I want to challenge you to encourage your friends and family that you care about to check out what we are doing! It’s always more fun to have friends and family with you, and you don’t have to tell them that they will feel more energetic, they will lose weight, look better, and fight disease. You can just tell them it’s fun!

The other thing that Coach focuses on in our fight against the most vexing problem, is diet! I know a lot of you have asked questions about diet and what to eat (or not eat) and how much to eat. Well, feel free to sign up for the nutrition seminar on Sept 24th and learn more!  Email me for the coupon code to get $10 off!

Here’s what’s on tap for this week!

Monday: We’re working on pulling strength and then a metcon that will probably leave your core taxed for several days!

Tuesday: We are nearing the end of our Olympic weightlifting cycle, so let’s see where we are at with our cleans! It’s another interval workout where we will be scoring how long it takes you to finish each round!

Wednesday is my guilty pleasure. We’re going to be tackling the double unders and then my favorite WOD ever.

Thursday, Team Thursday returns with a nice little chipper workout! Grab your buddy and get ready to go fast!

Friday, it’s snatch day! We’re going to be seeing how your technique has helped you improve your load and then run and snatch!

As always, if you have any feedback or questions just let us know!

See you in the box!

Coach j