Open Update after 18.2

This will take the place of “What is Coach thinking” during the Open!

Hey CrossFit Chelsea!!


Week 2 of the CrossFit Open is officially in the books!


Another great week of work by all of our team members and I know that I speak for the rest of the coaches when I say that we could not be more proud of you guys!!




A huge accomplishment for everyone!

Due to the 2 workout format, we had to change up our scoring a little. 18.2 was scored the way previously outlined. We then awarded 1 ‘bonus’ point for the top 3 (well that was what was intended) lifts for the males and the females!


We had some great scores posted!


On the men’s side:

Coach Matt completed the workout in 4:49 and then went on to lift 320#s!

Coach Will burned through it in 5:36 and then matched his 1 rep max clean at 315#! Just barely missing a new PR of 320# on his 2nd attempt at 18.2/18.2a!

Josh V stood up 260# but when he shaved 40 seconds off his metcon time he kept his 257.5 lift to bring home 3rd strongest lift!


On the ladies side we have a lot of stiff competition going on!


Hayden absolutely destroyed this workout posting a metcon time of 5:21 and then standing up 235# (no that isn’t a type-o)

Katrina took another shot at the workout over the weekend and posted a blazing fast time of 5:32 and then stood up 180#s!

Candace left it on the floor and completed the workout in 5:35 and then power cleaned 180#s!! So we have a tie for our heavy lifts on the ladies side!

Robin did what she loves to do and lifted a small house after the metcon and brought in a clean of 195#s!


Due to the tie at 180#s we went ahead and award both ladies the bonus point to reward them for all the hard work!

Here’s the link to the scores!

What do you think of the programming so far? I’m a big fan personally. We have had a “tall guy” event with the rower and the burpees and squats certainly played to the strengths of “short people (whoo)”! There is a strong chance we are going to see a high skilled movement this week, so be ready for it!


The big stories in the Open so far for the CrossFit Chelsea Family are the following….


**Spoiler alert, if you don’t want to know where you’re currently sitting in the standings stop reading now, but I’m bragging about you guys! The standings are as of noon Tuesday, Gym owners have until Wednesday to validate so the scores could change a little.**


Our team currently sits in 24th place in the region! The top 15 go to Regionals, so right now we are well within striking distance! We are certainly consistent with placings of 32/32/20!


Hayden is currently sitting in 18th in the South East (they take the top 20) and finished TENTH in the region in 18.2a!


Coach Matt is currently in 32nd in the South East


Coach Candace, Coach Will, and Katrina are all in the top 250 in the South East and 18.2/18.2a was big for all of them!


Looking at the Masters’ worldwide division (top 200 proceed to the Online qualifier):


Coach Kris Starling-Collins is currently in the top 100 at 92nd and is chomping at the bit for some gymnastics to show up in the 18.3!


Jackie had a great week 1 and burned through 18.2 and is currently sitting in 72nd place in the world in her age division!


Samantha Self is currently within the top 500 in her age division (16-17) and posted the 116th heaviest clean in the world on 18.2a, and it was pretty awesome to watch her hit it with time expiring after 2 failed attempts!


This has been a joy and challenge to write! There are so many other great stories about the Open so far, just in the last week. How many of you shaved MASSIVE amounts of time off your metcon on your 2nd attempt? How many PRs were accomplished after a brutal burning workout? How many of you had huge mental wins during the 18.2/18.2a??


PLEASE share them in comments! I just can’t list them all as I’d be here writing all day and I’d still leave someone out!


Know that your Coaches are ‘over the moon’ proud of you guys!

Bring on 18.3! Let’s keep it going!





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