Open Update-18.3

This will take the place of “What is Coach thinking” during the Open!

Hey CrossFit Chelsea!!

Week 3 of the CrossFit Open is officially in the books!


You guys did it again! I can’t believe how hard you guys are working, but it is PAYING OFF!


I know we had several people get their first double unders and a couple even made sure to log a score although they were dealing with some knicks and dings or a cold! This is amazing guys, you are just KILLING it!

We had some great scores posted!
The ladies side had a new name make the top 3!

Robin had a fun weekend in Vegas—for some reason she won’t say what she was doing, but she got back and got through the double unders for a total score of 573! We know she can handle that OHS weight and she can do muscle ups for days, so she just needed to get through the doubles!

Hayden first attempt was frustrating for her; she tightened up muscle ups and was able get through one round and back into the double unders for a score of 535!

Mrs. Jackie brings in the 3rd highest score for the ladies with a score of 525! Jackie had chest to bar pull ups and she has been working on those since last year’s open and it showed as she cruised through the pull ups and got back to the double unders in a hurry!

Huge shoutout to Kat and Candace for earning more than 220 reps (and more!)!

Congratulations to Challise for getting on top of the rings again and to Jill for getting her first ring muscle up while preparing for the workout!

On the men’s side:

In traditional Coach Matt fashion, he ended up doing the workout 3 times (my shoulders cried just typing that) and on his third attempt he got through the 2nd round of ring muscle ups and completed 69 double unders for a total of 765 reps!

Coach Will is certainly consistent! He got through the 2nd round of overhead squats and back to the double unders in both of his attempts at 18.3 for a total score of 616!

The old fart (me) managed to get back to the 2nd round of overhead squats for 10 reps for a 574. If anyone is curious, I love double unders, but not counting them! I logged over 5600 double unders counted this weekend! My eyes are a bit tired and my neck hurts!

Here’s the link to the Intermural Open scores!


We knew that Castro would throw out a workout that would separate the pack, this certainly seemed to be the one to do it! He released a hint last night with a picture of the “55s” workout from 2016/2017 that includes Deadlifts, Wall Balls, Rowing, and Handstand Push ups. I don’t think it will be a repeat of that same workout as we have already done it 2 years in a row, but I do suspect we’re going to see deadlifts, handstand push ups and (gulp) wall balls!

The big stories in the Open so far for the CrossFit Chelsea Family are the following….


**Spoiler alert, if you don’t want to know where you’re currently sitting in the standings stop reading now, but I’m bragging about you guys! The standings are as of noon Tuesday, Gym owners have until Wednesday to validate so the scores could change a little.**

Our team currently tied for 27th in the region! The top 15 go to Regionals, we lost a little ground this week, but we continue to move forward! I think the thing I am most proud of is the fact that we are FOURTH fittest team in the state! We have some pretty serious competition in the area, but we are clearly in better shape!

Hayden is currently sitting in 40th  in the South East

Coach Matt is currently in 32nd in the South East

Coach Candace, Coach Will, and Katrina are all in the top 250 in the South East


Looking at the Masters’ worldwide division (top 200 proceed to the Online qualifier):


Well, last week I told you that Coach Kris Starling-Collins was “chomping at the bit for some gymnastics to show up in the 18.3” and Castro delivered her a softball! She jumped all the way to 63!


Obviously, Jackie had a great week and moved from 72nd to 52nd in the WORLD!


Samantha Self moved up in her age division to 413th!


I know I’m missing a great story or 2 (or 18), but you probably haven’t even made it all the way down to this part of the post! Share them in the comments!


Know that your Coaches are ‘over the moon’ proud of you guys!

Bring on 18.4! Let’s keep it going!



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