Monday Motivation-Joyce Adair

What do you enjoy most about your time at Crossfit Chelsea?

I feel myself getting stronger every time I come. And the fellowship, fun, and laughs that we have as a group and cheering each other on.

Sometimes I myself can’t do what is asked of me so it gets modified by the trainer so that I can do something almost the same.


What’s your motivation to be in the gym on a daily basis?  What keeps you coming back?

Well,  I will have to say, John McCormac!  He is fighting Cancer and is in my class.  He does the workouts as if nothing is going on with him.  So I think to myself,  John can do this and so can you.  I really have to make myself work hard at it because I used to be very athletic, in my younger days.  Now I am not.  I want that back.

 I loved to run(and I can’t do that anymore.)

I keep coming back so that I can get up off of the floor when I get down there to play with my grandchildren.  I keep coming so that I can walk up a flight of stairs, work in the yard and clean my house.  Just do life.

What’s your goal for the next 6 months?

I am not usually one to make goals, but on this one I will.  I hope to continue getting stronger, firmer, healthier, and learn to laugh more at myself when I mess up.

I know the trainers at Crossfit Chelsea will do all that they can to help me do these things.

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