CrossFit Games 18.4 update-kinda!

Hey CrossFit Chelsea!!

Week 4 of the CrossFit Open is officially in the books!

A quick heads up! Week after the open will be a “theme week”! I’ll be posting details later this week!

Is anyone else feeling like this?


We had a few members of our team that weren’t able to get in and complete the workout this week, but all of them had a very valid reason!

Guys, this is a huge accomplishment for our team! The RX percentage is amazing and I’m pretty certain that we have had a number of people PR their deadlift and then lift it for several more reps in 18.4!




We had some great scores posted!


On the men’s side:

Coach Matt completed the workout in 8:27 and while he wasn’t crazy about the deadlifts, we all know he loves to get upside down!

Coach Will completed 136 reps in the 9 minutes of work! That’s getting pretty deep into the round of 15s!

Yours truly made it through the round of 21 at 315 and managed to walk about 8’ on his hands. Unfortunately the 8’ came in 2 4 foot attempts meaning I basically did a couple of cartwheels but wasn’t able to get any reps.


The ladies are putting on a show!

Kat got to show off her “reverse handstand walk” and got deep into the round of 15s at 205# for a score of 131!


Candace grunted her way through 6 of the 15 reps at 205# for a score of 127!


Hayden made the deadlifts look like they were light, but she much prefers to walk on her feet than hands! Her score of 120 was our 3rd top score for the ladies!


We are approaching the final week of the Open and you guys are doing amazing! The ‘good money’ is on thrusters and chest to bar pull ups in the form of a repeat from 2014, but nothing else has been predictable this year so we may see something completely different!


The big stories in the Open so far for the CrossFit Chelsea Family are the following….


**Spoiler alert, if you don’t want to know where you’re currently sitting in the standings stop reading now, but I’m bragging on you guys! The standings are as of noon Tuesday, Gym owners have until Wednesday to validate so the scores could change a little.**


Our team is currently tied for 28th place in the region! I’m really excited to say that we are currently the 4th fittest gym in the state! Not bad, not bad at all!

As I’m writing this, there are some glitches with the leaderboard. Coaches Matt, Will, Candace are showing scores for the team, but no scores in the region so we’ll have to check back in on their progress within the region!

It appears too many people are “leaderboarding” this morning and crashed the site!

Looking at the Masters’ worldwide division (top 200 proceed to the Online qualifier):

Coach Kris Starling-Collins is upon her goal of reaching the top 50 in the world! She is sitting in 50TH!

Jackie moved up as well into 61st place! A great showing for both ladies!

Not sure where Samantha is this week, but I know she pulled 21 deadlifts at 155# in 26 seconds tying her father for some really fast deadlifts!!

I hate that I can’t be more specific with the placings for all our athletes in the region/world but the Games Site isn’t cooperating!

Here’s the race for steaks! It’s tight!


PLEASE share them in comments! I just can’t list them all as I’d be here writing all day and I’d still leave someone out!

Know that your Coaches are ‘over the moon’ proud of you guys!

Let’s finish strong !!




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