Monday Motivation-Natalya Drake

What do you enjoy most about your time at CrossFit Chelsea?
First of all I love CrossFit Chelsea because it’s a community.
 I have gone to many other gyms- but I never felt so welcomed and accepted like here.
What’s your motivation to be in the gym on a daily basis?  What keeps you coming back?
5.30 am doesn’t sound that fun, does it?? But we have so much fun at our early morning class that gives me huge boost of energy and great mood for the whole day. If you survive Jarrod’s WOD at 5.30 in the morning- you now can go and conquer the whole world!
What’s your goal for the next 6 months?
My short term goals to continue to grow deeper into my fitness journey. I want to start coming more to CFC events! And one day I hope I can make real CrossFit pull up- then you will see my happy dance!

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