What is Coach Thinking-Sept 25-29, 2017

Why does the barbell feel so heavy today??

If you’ve been with us for more than a month, you’ve probably experienced this feeling. You’re in for the WOD and coach has you stretching. You are feeling a little lethargic and coach says “Grab a barbell and let’s go over the movements for today’s workout!”

You grab the bar and do the prescribed movement for the day and it feels like that 45# bar already has 45s on both sides!

“Why in the world is it so heavy today?”

There are lots of different reasons for this and you have to keep your head on straight to understand that some days the weights are filled with concrete and sometimes they are filled with styrofoam!

There are a ton of contributing factors going on here.
You may have been up late working on homework with the kids or that project for work. You may have gotten “accidentally drunk” last night—you know who you are! You may have invested a lot of energy into a family crisis. Maybe you had a busy day and just picked up some pizza on the way home and didn’t eat well! (Don’t forget you can still attend our nutrition seminar tomorrow!)

Whatever the reason, you most likely invested your energy and intensity into something else. A lot of time this is necessary and a good thing. Having your priorities in order is very important! Other times you know very well that those cookies/beers/glasses of wine weren’t worth it.

So when you are having a “concrete day” don’t get stressed about. Keep in mind what all you have going on in your life and account for it!

So here’s what’s on the docket for the week!

It’s Pensacola Beach Brawl week! So be sure to watch the schedules as most of our coaches will be out of town this weekend and it will certainly effect the schedule!

Monday: It’s skill day! The first work out is optional. The main objective is to work on the skill of the day! The metcon will be a nice little chipper/triplet. You’re going to breathe hard, but you can get through it!

Tuesday: It’s “clean day” so work on that front rack ahead of the class! If you’re going to PBB, you’ll want to go RX+ on this one and adjust the weights to the weights you’ll use at the event!

Wednesday:  It’s interval day! We’ll be doing 6 cycles for reps, and it is certainly a workout that you can share equipment with your training buddy!

Thursday: If you are planning to participate in our “Fight Like a Girl” event, you’ll want to be sure to make it in for this one!!

Friday: This one is going to look easy on paper…. Shave those callouses and take care of those hands!

See you in the gym!!

Coach j