What is Coach Thinking?

A quick note before announcements….


Pensacola Beach Brawl was an absolute blast!

I can’t say how much I appreciate all of you that came down, watched the live feeds, asked about us when we got back, prayed for us, and wished us luck meant!

It was an amazing weekend and we had a TON of great performances out on the competition floor! There are too many to mention as I will surely forget something!

A couple of my favorite moments were when we had members of other gyms start cheering for our members or when the judge/volunteers would walk over and ask “What gym are you guys from?”

Needless to say, our crew was loud and we were there for each other!

It was a great weekend and I can’t wait until next year!

Thank you

CFC Staff


Don’t forget about our wedding shower for Coach Challise and Jesse as they get close to their wedding day! Email/text Coach J, Huntleigh, or Jill for details!

Price increase for Fight Like a Girl is just a few weeks away! We only have 6 slots left in each division, get signed up now!!

Are you playing bingo? Print out your card and start playing (I drink my coffee black 😉


Have a great week and I’ll see you in the gym!


Coach j

Here’s what’s on tap this week:

Monday: Snatch day! We’ll start with a complex and then move into a fast paced AMRAP with some technical movements!

Tuesday: We’re gonna bench a little and then go real fast for a short period of time! Be ready!

Wednesday: It’s backsquat day! Sets of 3 this time and we’re going to tackle a chipper that might last a minute!

Team Thursday: Time to clean up the gym (seriously, use the spray and clean up your equipment), but seriously we’ll start with a clean complex and then go through a workout that you just might see at Fight Like a Girl!

Friday: It’s pull day so we’re going to be pulling off the ground AND pulling on the rower!

**Don’t forget to use the cleaning spray and towels to wipe down your equipment after the workout! We are getting into cold and flu season (and every season is Staph season!) and let’s try to keep the germs out of the gym as much as possible! Last year was a record year for texts/emails to the coaches saying “I’m not quitting, I’ve just been sick. I hope to be back next week!”